Crystallized Time

Enjoy real multiplayer battles on your phone!
Crystallized Time is a turn based multiplayer strategy game.
It's free to play and will feature expansion packs in the near future.

The lovely old school graphics will transport you back to the nostalgic days of the very first strategy war games.

Challenge friends from the contacts on your phone. Make your moves whenever you have a few minutes spare time on the go.
Your opponents will be nofitied when it's their turn.

Our universe is very old and dying. Nearly all the stars have burned out and left their planets dark and frozen or charred to coal. A few remaining powerful houses are fighting for the precious substance known as Crystallized Time which allows interstellar travel by deforming spacetime.
Take your place as master strategist and secure the survival of your house.


√ Classic strategy: Build base, build army, destroy enemy
√ Multiplayer only!
√ Battles with up to 8 opponents
√ Nostalgic detailed 2D graphics and 3D artwork
√ Animated attacks and actions
√ Watch your units become mighty heroes
√ Play at home in your browser for a big screen experience
√ Various battlefields: desert, burned planets, forests and fields