Deep Dream Photo Filter

On the cloud side we run the "Deep Dream" neural network on servers with NVidia GPUs. From Google Cloud to AWS to a barebone hoster we have tried different configurations to find the most efficient solution. To this end, we have worked intensively in Kubernetes and Docker. 

On the mobile side, we used Cordova to write a simple and intuitive app that allows users to dream their photos with "Deep Dream". In a second step, even with their own dream template images, which the neural network orientates itself on to give the dreams a personal and unique touch.

The app is no longer in the App Stores. Client and server setup are now open source:


This Android app lets you deep dream your photos with the power of a GPU server.

Choose photos that you would like to run through the Deep Dream neural network.
This will give you the unique style of Inceptionism.
Surprise your friends by deep dreaming their profile pictures.

Deep Dream Photo Filter slightly distorts the image and tries to find objects and creatures in it.
What it finds is always surprising and entertaining. Beautiful, psychedelic, sometimes horrifying.
Go ever deeper by dreaming a photo that has already been dreamed - increasing the strangeness.